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Thanks to the meteoric rise in popularity, cryptocurrency can be found in almost every modern investment portfolio. But investing in cryptocurrency can be very risky, with daily gains and sell offs of 20% and 30% par for the course. With so much to gain—and lose—it’s imperative that traders have an in-depth understanding of cryptocurrency trading before getting started. Learn-To-Trade.com’s professional traders can teach you everything you need to know about trading cryptocurrencies.

What Is Cryptocurrency Trading and Investing?

Just a few years ago, bitcoin was the only cryptocurrency out there. In early 2018, there were 1,650 and by late 2018, that number had soared to more than 2,500. Not all cryptocurrencies are created equal, some have market caps approaching $100 million, others have a total value of less than $100.

Everyone it seems is trying to cash in on the cryptocurrency craze. And it makes sense to an outsider. In March 2017, one bitcoin was trading hands at $1,000; by December of that year, the price of a single bitcoin soared to more than $19,000. One year later, and the value of a bitcoin had tanked to around $5,000.

It’s easy to see that the hype surrounding bitcoin turned early investors into millionaires. Unfortunately, investors, too afraid to miss out on the next big cryptocurrency, began pouring their hard-earned money into cryptocurrencies, without really understanding the industry.

Sure, most investors realize there are risks associated with cryptocurrencies, but few understand just how volatile the market can be, and, without the proper background, can wipe out their entire portfolio.

Whether its bitcoin, or other major cryptocurrencies like ripple, ethereum, litecoin, or obscure cryptocurrencies launching daily, investors need to understand what they’re investing in and whether the risks outweigh any potential returns.

What Will You Learn?

If you’re not comfortable trading cryptocurrencies, you’re not alone. For starters, blockchain, which is the underlying technology of all cryptocurrency, is not easy to understand. This makes it very difficult for investors looking to get into cryptocurrency trading.

It also makes it very difficult for investors to find entry and exit points, which is one of the foundations of being a confident, profitable investor.

Through Learn-To-Trade.com, you’ll learn what blockchain technology is, what bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are, and how and where to invest in this new technology. Using real-time software, you’ll learn how to paper trade your first coins, read the markets, and protect your investment.

How Learn-To-Trade Inc. Can Help

The trading professionals at Learn-To-Trade.com can provide investors of every skill level with a comprehensive understanding of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Our specifically tailored course provides you with the guidance and skills you need to trade cryptocurrency like a professional.

Learn-To-Trade.com is Canada’s oldest and leading provider of stock market trading courses. No matter what your background is with cryptocurrency, our instructors will teach you proven strategies that can help you trade with confidence and profit on a consistent basis.

Our instructors know what they’re talking about. In fact, Learn-To-Trade.com is who the industry professionals turn to. We are also educators for the Toronto Montreal Exchange, through which our instructors host educational sessions for major banks across Canada.

Contact us for detailed information on course fees and materials, future dates of our three-day trading course program, and the dates for our free two-hour workshops.

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