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Has COVID-19 Permanently Damaged Large Parts of the Canadian Economy?

How Will COVID-19 Impact the Canadian Economy Long-Term? COVID-19 has most likely done permanent damage to the Canadian economy and left it in a big hole. The economic downturn has been historic with the sharpest GDP contraction in history. The biggest questions right now are, which sectors have been hit the hardest and what will […]

Canada’s Unemployment Rate Hits Record High with Rising Debt and Lower Savings Hurting Economic Growth

What Was Canada’s Unemployment Rate in May? The Canadian unemployment rate hit a record 3.7% in May as the economic shutdown from COVID-19 continues to hurt the Canadian economy. While this number is expected to drop as the Canadian economy opens up over the coming months, this may not be enough to save second and […]

Market Review – May 2020

In this month’s market review, our Chief Options Specialist, Jason Ayres, reflects on the May market conditions. The record-breaking rally in stocks continued throughout the month of April, with both the Canadian and U.S. markets recovering half of the losses incurred during the sell off in February and March. Since the market top halfway through […]

Canada’s Q1 GDP Plunges and Q2 Is Expected to Be Worse as COVID-19 Ravages Canadian Economy

How Did the Canadian Economy Perform in the First Quarter? Everyone knew that Canada’s first quarter gross domestic product (GDP) numbers were going to be bad. The question was how bad? And what’s in store for the Canadian economy and stocks for the rest of the year? Canada’s GDP tumbled 8% in the first quarter […]

Gold and Silver Remain Bullish on Poor Economic Data and Fears of a Second Wave of Coronavirus

Will Gold and Silver Continue to Rally? Precious metals like gold and silver have rallied since mid-March due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), awful global economic data, fears the global economy will not rebound quickly enough, and fears of a second wave of coronavirus. As a hedge against economic uncertainty, there are more than enough reasons […]

North American Stocks Expected to Tumble Nearly 20% in Upcoming Months

In February and March, North American and global stocks experienced a huge correction on fears that the coronavirus (COVID-19) would wreak havoc on the global economy. Those fears have come true, with the Canadian and American economies coming to a standstill. Despite terrible economic data, the stock market has been bullish. But there are growing […]

U.S. and Canadian Unemployment Data Soar as Coronavirus Impales the Economy

Canada and the U.S. continue to report devastating unemployment figures as the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to hobble the North American and global economies. And more pain is expected. Coronavirus numbers continue to climb at a time when the U.S. and Canada are preparing to open up their economies. What Is the U.S. Unemployment Rate? The […]

U.S. Economy Reports Biggest Q1 GDP Decline Since the 2008 Financial Crisis

How Much Did the U.S. Economy Shrink in the First Quarter? Because of the coronavirus (COVID-19), tens of millions of North Americans are out of work and quarantined, with the U.S. and Canadian economies grinding to a screeching halt. With first quarter economic data rolling in, we now have a picture of just how badly […]